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Project Overview:

Every Telling Project production is a fully engaged partnership between The Telling Project and you, our host community.  Below is an outline of our partnership requirements. Recognizing that each community has it’s individual needs and resources, The Telling Project will work to shape each production and partnership to the strengths and needs of the partnering organizations and community.  If you have needs that don’t fit  exactly into the outline below, please contact us.  We want to work with you.


Partnership Outline

The Telling Project provides:

  • Veteran and veteran family performers (from within a host community)
  • Interview, transcription and scripting
  • Production consultation and overall project management
  • Promotional partnership

These services and the expenses attendant to them (admin, travel, lodging, etc.) will be provided pro bono by The Telling Project to qualifying host communities, in return for which the community will provide, either through financial means or in-kind, the elements listed below.

The host community provides: *

  • Rehearsal space (approx. 40 hours of availability)
  • Performance venue (minimum six performances**)
  • Promotional partnership
  • Promotional materials (printing, design, ad space)
  • Stage management, director, production assistant
  • Technical production staff
  • House staff

In its capacity of project consultant, The Telling Project will assist the host community as needed with all elements of the production. Timelines range from two month to six months.

*Please inquire about accelerated timelines, or the possibility of TTP providing on-the-ground artistic staff

** Performances can take place at multiple venues, and capacities can be negotiated.

To download the above as a pdf, please click here: TTP PARTNERSHIP FLYER.

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