Military Stories

In 2008, The Telling Project began working with a group of military veterans and military family members in Eugene, OR, to create a performance where this group would speak directly and in person to their community about their experiences in and around the military. The idea was simple: to provide groups within a community with the chance to talk to each other. Every day, an ever smaller military carries out the will of the American people. For non-military citizens, knowing who is serving, what they are doing, and how it impacts them is central to knowing ourselves – as communities and as a nation.

Since 2008, The Telling Project has created over 70 original performances, putting hundreds of veterans and military family members on stage to speak to tens of thousands of their community members. The Telling Project has created an ongoing, growing conversation about military service and the role of the military – in American society, and in the world. And a community of people – vets, military families, artists, presenters, and audience – who have committed to, and continue to work toward, understanding each other deeply, humanly and inclusively.


In the age of information, The Telling Project creates relationships.
In the age of media, The Telling Project connects people.
In the age of opinion, The Telling Project explores experience.