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We first worked with Dreux Carpenter as a designer in 2013, when he put together our imagery for the first “Telling: Austin, TX,” poster and program. Since then, we’ve returned to him repeatedly – for the quality, intelligence and integrity of his work. Most recently, we reached out to him to assist us with our “She Went to War,” promotional imagery. It was one of the largest scale productions we’ve ever undertaken, and we wanted to make sure it was done right. Dreux did not disappoint.

It’s our privilege to have this relationship. Check out his work at:

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In Studio Screening: Minnesota Remembers Vietnam

In conjunction with the release of Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s landmark series, The Vietnam War, Twin Cities Public Television will be airing “Minnesota Remembers Vietnam: The Telling Project.” There will also be an in-studio screening of “Minnesota Remembers,” with the cast and crew (including Telling Project staff) present on September 29, 2017. Please join us. Tickets are available HERE. We hope to see you there.

Minnesota Remembers Vietnam

Our work with Twin Cities Public Television and a group of people as wonderful as any we have ever encountered is featured on the cover of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s magazine. Couldn’t be more thankful – to these wonderful performers and to the exceptional folks we worked with at TPT.

Full article here:

“Riveting” “Spellbinding” “Superb”

“This 55-minute event proved absolutely riveting, emotional and honorable.” Graydon Royce, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Full reviews here of our recent, sold-out production, “She Went To War,” at The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. Thanks to the National Endowment for the Arts, the Acton Family Fund, Adept Word Management and, of course, our very good friends at The Guthrie Theater for a tremendous experience assembling and staging this wonderful production!

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For information on bring “She Went To War” to your community, email info@thetellingproject.

She Went To War

In March, 2017, SHE WENT TO WAR  opened at The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis to rave reviews. A three week run concluded with sold-out houses and standing ovations. SHE WENT TO WAR  is new work by The Telling Project, an autobiographical performance by four female veterans, all of whom, in widely varying capacities, experienced significant combat exposure during their terms in the military. All of the women in SWTW  have performed their stories with The Telling Project previously. Their stories speak to and for many, many more women whose roles put them in the line of fire. SWTW  will be an opportunity for the American public to understand and acknowledge the distinctive and important roles women have played on the battlefield.

“She Went To War,” was supported generously by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Acton Family Fund, Adept Word Management and, of course, our very good friends at The Guthrie Theater.




Eye To Eye



“Voices From The Long War” at Lincoln Center

Our 2016 performance, co-produced by Tom Berry and The Telling Project, and supported by The Jackson Institute for Public Policy, The Yale School of Drama and Adept Word Management will receive a reprise performance at Lincoln Center, presented by the Lincoln Center Veterans Initiative. Directed by Kevin Hourigan and scripted by Jonathan Wei, this unprecedented performance, in which US military veterans and refugees from Iraq and Afghanistan shared the stage, was covered by NPR’s Morning Edition when it opened.

Date and time: November 10, 7:30pm. Location: The Lincoln Center Atrium.

Tonight is the night!!!