Telling: Pensacola

Our second production with Florida Humanities, “Telling: Pensacola,” also directed by the fantastic Lisa Powers is the continuation of our work in the state of Florida to bring the experiences of the men and women in uniform and their family members to their communities – live and in-person.  We are so excited about our partnership with Florida Humanities, and even more excited to see this next group of fantastic military and military family members tell their stories.  We’ll see you there!

Information HERE.


  1. I was in the audience at UWF’s excellent presentation last night The stories were so powerful and seemed to have an authenticity that I would guess came from and through the writing process. I woke up thinking about the presentations, the issues that merged, how veterans are viewed by society and the numerous students I have had who were veterans. The VA may fall short of addressing concerns of veterans in specific ways, but society falls short in very many ways.

    This approach seems an excellent way of trying to engage the community with veterans as individuals and I was disappointed to note that after tens of thousands of folks in Pensacola lined up to watch the military might and precision of the Blue Angles – representing the institution of the military – they were largely absent (including leaders of the community and university) at last night’s production.

    I fear ‘thank you for your service’ has become almost perfunctory and greater society really does not want to know about individual experiences. Perhaps we know we ask too much of young people and maybe greater society does not really want not be reminded of the disservice done to many. Society needs to hear these stories. I hope you are able to take this process to may cities and find large audiences responding to the request to engage.

  2. I would like to know more about this. Just watched the PBS program and my wife and I were in tears after. We live in pensacola beach.

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